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Freenotes Harmony Park – Moab


Last summer, I wrote a post about Fun Playgrounds around the state of Utah. They were spread all over the state and I didn’t know if we would ever have the chance to visit any of them in person. We spent last weekend in Moab, Utah and while I was planning our itinerary of activities, I remembered the post and the playground in Moab! I actually had to search through my archives and find the reference so I could be reminded of what exactly the playground was. And we made it!

The Freenotes Harmony Park in Moab is a part of their Rotary Park and is tucked away from the main town of Moab. It is quiet and relatively lush (green grass and trees) which is a contrast from the red rock and sand you see everywhere else. As soon as Theo saw the large musical instrument structures, he exclaimed, “This is awesome!”


The philosophy behind the Freenotes Harmony parks (there are several around the country) is that recycling materials into aesthetically pleasing (both visually and aurally) structures in a natural setting can produce educational opportunities for kids. There were a lot of different types of “instruments” to play — from banging on drums to using the provided mallets to hit chimes and pipes. It was beautiful to hear all of the kids playing, even as we were walking away from the park back to our car.

I’m so glad we got the chance to try out something that I had once recommended on this website but hadn’t actually tried — and to discover that we indeed loved it! We had a great time in Moab (perhaps a post for another day) but it was a special treat to stop by this park.


Field Trip to Provo: Origami Exhibit

We don’t often go down south to Utah County on our adventures, but we took the opportunity to head to Provo yesterday to visit the wonderful “Folding Paper” exhibit at the BYU Museum of Art. We recently went to an activity at our local public library where they had the Origami Lady show the kids how to do various simple origami projects. Theo loved it and we ended up folding origami hearts for him to give out as Valentines to his classmates. When I saw that there was this exhibition so close to us, I wanted to check it out.
It was my first time at this museum and I was really impressed. It is a beautiful space and the other exhibitions were also lovely to see. The Folding Paper exhibit met all of our expectations. We saw amazing examples of origami, and beautiful displays about the history and art of origami. Everything was made out of paper and they were incredible.

One of our favorite parts of the exhibit was this station where they set out iPads and origami paper, so that we could try folding some of it ourselves. (I admit, while you’re looking at all the art, you’re thinking to yourself, “I want to try this!”) The iPads had a great app on them where they had videos and illustrations walking you through how to fold various projects. The app is available to download for iPhones and iPads on the iTunes store and is called Folded BY-U. I love that origami is a combination of art, geometry, fine motor skills and really is a fun activity. Try it out, either at home or by visiting the museum!