June on TV

June 2019 1

Adventures with Theo – School’s Out edition! Today was Theo’s last day of school (which was a half day) so he got to come with me to the studio for the segment. It was a fun way to kick off the summer!

Here are the topics that I mentioned on the show today:

June 2019 2

You can watch the video here:

September on TV

Sept 2018 1

Here are the topics I discussed on today’s segment for the month of September (and onwards):

You can view the video of the segment here!

July on TV

July 2018 3

Here are the topics I mentioned on the segment today:

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the video of the segment is not available due to technical issues on the KSL side. They have assured me that the problem has been fixed so we should be all set for the August segment!

July 2018 2

Gershwin at the Deer Valley Music Festival


Earlier this spring, we attended the Utah Symphony’s Family Concert of Gershwin’s Magic Key. It was a musical biography of the composer George Gershwin and introduced us to many of his most famous works. When we saw that one of the events for the Deer Valley Music Festival this summer was a performance of Gershwin hits, we decided to go hear the full pieces in this wonderful atmosphere.

We have gone to concerts at the Deer Valley Music Festival before, and have always enjoyed getting a chilly break from the summer heat. We experienced a short cloud burst and afterwards it was the perfect conditions for a rainbow! This concert was great because one of the preeminent Gershwin pianists in the world was performing. The camera did close-ups of his hands while he was playing and showed it on the big screens to either side of the stage. It was mesmerizing!


It isn’t always an easy trip to drive up to Park City and back to Salt Lake in the concert traffic at night, but we had a great time together as a family. On our way to the concert, we stopped for take-out dinner from Freshie’s Lobster Co. which was recently voted as having the best lobster rolls. They were delicious and tasted even better accompanied by the beautiful music and surroundings.


May on TV


Here are the topics that I mentioned on today’s segment:

           Wednesday, May 18, 7pm at

           Granger High School
           3580 South 3600 West
           West ValleyUT

(NOTE: This is a different location than the one I mentioned on the segment)

To watch the video, click here.

March Activities

March 2016

Happy Spring! Here are the topics I mentioned on TV today.

  • Smithsonian Museum Day Live! Get two free tickets to The Prehistoric Museum in Price, Utah. (March 12)
  • Natural History Museum of Utah’s Chocolate & Cheese Festival:
    Children’s Chocolate Exploration and Fondue to Fun-Do for Kids Classes (March 19 & 20)
  • Ballet West “Beauty & the Beast” (starting March 31)

These are also some fun activities happening this month that I didn’t have time to mention on air:

To see the video, click on this link.