Fun Playgrounds Around Utah

This is a quick post based off of this fun article, “Utah’s 5 Coolest Playgrounds.” We haven’t been to any of these, but need to keep these in mind if we’re ever headed on a roadtrip and need a place to stop and get some wiggles out.

At a glance, the playgrounds listed in the article are below. I made a little map showing the various locations since I am not well-versed in Utah geography beyond the SLC area.

  • A – Castle Heights Playground in Fruit Heights
  • B – Wild West Playground in Jordan
  • C – Freenotes Harmony Park in Moab
  • D – Electric Park in Layton
  • E – Adventure Playground in Logan
If anyone has been to any of these playgrounds and can vouch for the accuracy of this article, please let me know!

One thought on “Fun Playgrounds Around Utah

  1. earlychildhoodfun says:

    We have been to three of the five parks. The exceptions being Layton and Logan parks. Our favorite is the Wild West playground in South Jordan. It is easy for children of all ages to have a good time there, and we were ranging from 1-12 years old, well 30+ if you count me 😉


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