Summer Kids’ Book Club & Writing Workshop

As I’ve mentioned several times on this blog before, we are big fans of the local book shop, The King’s English. I was so pleased to see that they have summer programming available for children (from preschool through young adults) in the forms of Book Clubs and Writing Workshops.

For the Book Club, they have a different curriculum and set of books for every group, segmented by grade level. The group meets weekly and the discussion is facilitated by an educator. I find it interesting to see what books each group is reading so that kids can read those on their own even if they don’t join the book club.

The Writing Workshops are for kids in grades 3-6 and span different types of creative writing. These could be a great way for a budding author to begin exploring various genres of writing.

I’m so glad that the book shop is committed to educating the community as well as being a lovely book store to visit.

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