New York City Adventure

We went on a family trip to New York City last week and it was Theo’s first time there! It is one of my favorite cities in the world and I was excited to share it with Theo and experience it through his kid perspective. We found a great deal on JetBlue (nonstop: redeye on the way there [Theo slept through it all] and late evening on the way back) and decided to go at this time of year since we would be able to see all the Christmas decorations and the city all decked out for the holidays.

Macy’s Store Windows

We had a great time and Theo was a trooper to walk many, many blocks and ride the subway and go along for the adventure. We also got to try some new things like waiting in a line around the block to get into FAO Schwarz, which was definitely something I had never experienced before. 🙂 We went to the American Museum of Natural History and saw the big dinosaur bones and the huge whale replica.

Enjoying Central Park on a sunny day.

We bought weekly subway passes for each of us that gave us unlimited rides. Towards the end of our trip, we discovered that Theo actually didn’t need one. A fellow rider said that he was free, and when I went to double-check with the subway attendant (ever the rule-follower), they told me that there wasn’t an age restriction, just a casual height restriction, meaning that as long as the child could duck under the gates easily, they could just pass right through. Well, that was a tip we wish we had known earlier!

Big Floor Piano at FAO Schwarz

Before our trip we had looked at some architectural pictures of famous buildings in the city and Theo had fun seeing the real life Empire State Building and Chrysler Building. He also got to experience getting jostled around on the streets (the busiest I’ve ever seen it was trying to see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center; I held onto Theo’s hand so tight).

Pro subway rider

The trip was so fun but the best part was coming home and having refreshed understanding and gratitude for everything we have here: our beds, our house, our cars and wide, non-trafficky streets… There are benefits of every place, and being able to travel and see for ourselves what those benefits are is one of the best things in life.

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