A Puppety Day

Today we had all sorts of fun encounters with puppets. We went to see a free movie at the downtown main library sponsored by the Utah Film Center’s children’s Tumbleweeds series. It was adorable! It is called Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas and was made in 1977 by Jim Henson, before he started working with his famous Muppets. It was short, funny and a nice holiday movie to add to your Christmas-themed catalog. We all loved it and especially the opening song, “The Bathing Suit She Wore” about Grandma Otter’s generously-cut swim suit. So clever and heartwarming.

This evening we headed to the Christkindlmrkt at This is the Place Heritage Park. It kind of felt like a wintery farmer’s market and they had all sorts of shops and food stands set up around the market. One of the stores featured was Golden Touch Puppets, which encouraged the children to put on the puppets and play around with them. The owners were so nice and Theo got a kick out of using a puppet much like the ones we had seen in the movie earlier today.

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