Fun Events for Kids of all Abilities

I love that we have such an inclusive community here that offers great programming and activities for all children. There are two events I want to highlight that are especially geared towards kids with special needs and they sound great!

The first is the Utah Opera and Utah Symphony’s concert on Thursday, January 22 at the Capitol Theatre. You can register at the link above and here is their description of the event:

Utah Symphony | Utah Opera offers an annual concert for children with special needs and their families. We present this concert because we know that many families cannot attend cultural events together because their special needs child acts in distracting ways. We feature our Opera Resident Artists with the Utah Symphony on the Capitol Theater Stage in a special concert where everyone understands the difficulty of keeping these children quiet in their seats. This concert is FREE but registration is required. 

I also recently learned about a monthly sensory-sensitive movie screening that is sponsored by AMC Theatres. The local theatre that participates is the Layton Hills 9 theatre and you can find a list of dates and movies at the link above.

As always, I believe in exposing kids to as much art and theatre and film as possible and to have these venues encourage this for all families is so refreshing and wonderful.

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