Hawaii – The Big Island

We took a wonderful trip to the Big Island of Hawaii this month with our extended family. It is a great time for all of us, but especially for Theo to spend time playing with his two cousins. We enjoyed going to the beach and seeing the sights around the island.


Theo’s favorite part of the trip was going to Volcanoes National Park. We saw actual lava spilling out from the active volcano and took hikes around the park. The lava tubes underground were amazing! It really felt like we were in the middle of a rainforest with vines and interesting vegetation everywhere.


We found this cool playground on the side of the road that had extensive wooden castle towers and bridges. It was a formidable structure and we saw it from the road and had to stop and explore.


Another fun hike was in the Polulu Valley where Theo saw a black sand beach.

FullSizeRender 4

We had a very relaxing and wonderful trip to Hawaii. Since Aloha means both Hello and Goodbye, Theo started differentiating them by saying “Hello-ha!” when greeting us. Can’t wait to say Hello-ha to Hawaii again!

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