New Library and Movie Time

I am a huge fan of the Salt Lake City public library system and was excited to check out the latest branch (no pun intended). It is called the Glendale Branch and is located around 1300 South and 1200 West. Everything is new and clean and shiny, including all of the books! They also have a large play area (pictured above) that has blocks and other toys that fidgety kids can enjoy. (Also, hello, it’s going to be over 100 degrees soon, and A/C is a must.)

One fun activity coming up that you can attend and also see the new library is the Big Hero 6 interactive movie screening on July 11. Theo and I went to the same event at our local branch (which is only 6 blocks from our house) and had a fun time. They hand out bags full of props and goodies and tell you when to use them (cheering for the good guys, etc). Sidenote: It was the first time I had seen the movie and I found it interesting that the main character is a multi-racial Asian/Caucasian boy. Studying biracial characters in children’s media has been an interest of mine since graduate school.

Anyway, I am also very looking forward to the new Marmalade Branch of the library system opening soon! It is slightly closer to where we live and I can’t wait to check it (and its books, and its programming) out! (Pun totally intended.)

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