Dental Spa for Kids

We are very lucky and grateful that Theo doesn’t have much of an aversion to going to the doctor, including the dentist or optometrist. He is so fascinated by their tools and procedures that he doesn’t even notice the slight discomfort or unfamiliarity. We are also extremely lucky and grateful that we have found a wonderful pediatric dentist that I have been raving about to all of my friends. Dr. Debbie Graham with Kids Dental Spa is the absolute best.

The trend in pediatric dentistry I’ve noticed is to include as many bells and whistles as possible to distract kids. This practice has plenty of amenities, including a waiting room with arcade games, massage chairs for parents, a movie room with bean bags, and iPads for the kids to play with while they wait.

But sometimes I think these fun details can be at the expense of quality dental work. We went to a practice that is widely known where the hygienists wear silly costumes, the kids are bombarded with video screens, and they (and their parents!) receive gifts and gift cards after a visit. Giving into the hype, we frequented this practice along with several of our friends… until the quality of the dentistry we experienced was so subpar that I began to feel that it was all a marketing ploy, not a truly reliable dentist. I had heard of the Kids Dental Spa because I go to their counterpart for adults (The Dental Spa — if this was an “Adventures with Stina” blog I would go into much more depth about how great it is, but you’ll have to take my word for it). “Dr. Debbie” (as she prefers to be called) took such great care to give us a second opinion (which I verified with a THIRD opinion with another dentist friend we know) and repaired and re-did dental work that Theo had to have done (yes, re-do; the other place [which shall not be named] messed things up so much that he had to have the same procedure twice on the same tooth).

I have since referred other friends to transfer to this practice instead of (ahem) the other one and everyone is unanimously in approval of Dr. Debbie and the wonderful staff at Kids Dental Spa. It shows that it is possible to create a comfortable and fun space for kids, as well as provide excellent dental care, which is the point of going to the dentist after all!

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