Fruit that Tastes like Candy

Lychee fruit has been one of my favorite treats since I was a young child. My family lived in Taiwan when I was 2 years old and I remember watching my dad peel and eat these delicious fruits. We honored this tradition at our wedding when we had our caterer custom make lychee sorbet for our guests. I was thrilled when I saw that our local Trader Joe’s sold these fresh (you can often find them canned). If you aren’t familiar with these strange-looking fruits, you will be surprised when you peel off the rough shell and find a juicy, sweet fruit inside. Some of my friends’ kids tried it for the first time this week and they are hooked! It tastes like candy!

Speaking of candy, at the same Trader Joe’s (can you tell I love this store), they were handing out samples of “Cotton Candy grapes.” I was dubious, but they actually taste like cotton candy! Supposedly they are totally natural (and organic) and the flavor was created with some hybrid grape breeding. I had my husband try one (without telling him what they were) and he could identify the flavor. These are just a couple of refreshingly sweet fruits you can try that your kids might enjoy on these hot summer days!

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