Cooking Lessons for Chef Theo

The store doesn’t open to the public until 10am so the class is private until regular store opening hours.

For Theo’s last birthday, we threw a cooking themed party where the kids made treats (ice cream and gummies) and everyone had a blast. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that our local Williams-Sonoma store offered free cooking classes for kids. I had been to their adult cooking class before and learned a lot about Italian pastas and sauces (incidentally, one of the most genius kid food recipes I’ve ever heard was from this class: Cook up some rigatoni [wide tubes], cut string cheese into thin strips the length of the pasta, stuff the string cheese pieces into the pasta, cover with sauce and bake!).

The store still offers the adult classes, but they also started offering kids classes as well. The teacher of these classes is named Patsy and she started these here in Salt Lake City and the corporate office heard about it and started expanding to other areas!

A W-S teacher (not Patsy) showing Theo how to hand whip some whipped cream.

We went to the Baking 101 class yesterday and Theo learned how to grease and flour a baking dish, make whipped cream by hand, sift flour, and whip egg whites until they formed peaks. Spread throughout the class is the use of tools that are handily sold at the store, but there is no pressure to purchase anything. However, parents get a discount if they do decide to shop after the class!

Shaking flour around the bread loaf pan to prevent sticking.

Details for the class (at the Trolley Square location in Salt Lake City, ):

Dates: Saturdays from 9:30-10:30 am
Register: To hold a spot, call the store at 801-359-0459
Ages 4+
Cost: FREE

Here are the upcoming topics:

March 8 — All About Strawberries
March 15 — Chop & Slice It!
March 22 — Let’s Stir Fry!
March 29 — Easter Egg Decorating
April 5 — Lemonade Day
April 12 — Easter Cookie Decorating
April 26 — Making Fresh Pasta

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