Smart and Cute Clothing for Kids


Old school PBS!

I went into the Peek Kids clothing store at the mall the other day to just browse around and see if there were any good deals on clothes for Theo. As I was looking through the store, I found so many adorable graphic tee designs that I just loved. Here are my favorites, along with their links to the store and they are now on SALE! I love when you can combine things that are both cute and educational and these definitely hit both notes!

Branch 1 Branch 3 Branch 4

Three Branches of Government (Also this tee.)

Amendment 1 Amendment 2 Amendment 3

19th Amendment Tee I wish they had an adult version of this shirt!

5Freedoms front 5 Freedoms back

5 Freedoms Tee 


Noun Tee I love a good grammar-based tee!

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