October on TV – Halloween!


Today we had an extra special edition of Adventures with Theo when Theo himself and our friends, the Burrows family, joined me on TV! We talked about fun Halloween activities for the whole family which referenced this post.

As is the case when you include kids in normally grown-up things, they can add some fun pizazz! I think Jovie knew exactly how to grab the spotlight – she’s a star!


As you can see from Theo’s face, he was more subdued about the whole event, but was very excited to be on TV. He decided at the last minute that he didn’t want to talk but was okay sitting on the couch with us. He told me afterwards that he thought it was nice that they introduced him as Theo from Adventures with Theo, “since it is about things I do with you, mommy!” Glad we can add another fun thing we did together to the list.


Click here to watch the video.

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