Theo’s 6th Birthday Party


Theo’s 6th birthday party theme was pretty much based on a pun. The movie Frozen was super popular and we held the party at a frozen yogurt shop. Instead of focusing on the princesses, it was an Olaf-themed Frozen party. Especially because it was held in the summer and Olaf loved the summer. It had a lot of layers.


The frozen yogurt shop had a private party room which was spacious and handy. But since this was a self-hosted party (except for the location) I had to come up with activities and games for the kids on my own. When the guests first arrived, they all got to go through the frozen yogurt line and get their own treats (with unlimited toppings). Nothing like pumping kids full of sugar first thing.

The activities were found online and included: Dress up as Olaf (using toilet paper and a few key accessories made beforehand), create your own Olaf using marshmallows and other supplies, icicle painting (salt water on black paper), and of course, watching the movie Frozen on the big screen conveniently included in the party room.


The cake was back to good ol’ Costco again, decorated with my specifications, and with the addition of a printed fondant cake topper that I ordered.


The favors were icicle-shaped rock sugar candy lollipops. This was not a party that emphasized healthy treats. The frozen yogurt shop also gave out little drawstring backpacks so the kids could take all of their crafts home.


I was glad to be able to find so many Olaf-related items when browsing online for Frozen-themed party accessories. I was grateful for all of the (excessive?) merchandise available.

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