Science Camp

Building bridges on Engineering day.

Last week, Theo participated in a week-long science camp called Super Science Investigators that was offered by the University of Utah’s Continuing Education programs. This was the first time I had looked into these classes and we were really happy with our experience. The class description was a broad overview of different scientific disciplines for kids aged 6-8. There were only 4 kids in the class and they met every morning (from 9-12) for a week. The class was held in an administrative building on the U of U campus.

The instructor is a science teacher in the Salt Lake public school system and he was wonderful. Every day had a different theme: Astronomy, Biology, Geology, Chemistry and Engineering. Theo absolutely loved it. He looked forward to class every day and wished that it was longer. He’s already looking forward to classes he can take next summer.

The classes offered through this U program have a  huge range of topics and ages. I am definitely looking into more classes and will use this resource all the time as Theo gets older and is eligible for different classes. We are so lucky to live right next to a big research university that offers wonderful community programs. Glad we took a chance on a new experience!

This picture was actually taken in a Whole Foods elevator but fit with the science theme of the week.

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