Wasatch Wildflower Festival

Last weekend, we went to Snowbird up Little Cottonwood Canyon for the annual Wasatch Wildflower Festival. The Festival provided guided hikes of varying levels and abilities, all with the focus of looking at the beautiful summer wildflowers we have in Utah. There were also hikes offered at Brighton, Solitude and Alta on different days.

Of particular interest to us, of course, was the “Kids Walks” which were shorter (less than an hour) and provided activities. We had two knowledgable guides take us on a 1-mile hike on the lower mountain trail. They pointed out the various kinds of vegetation and flowers and gave the kids magnifying glasses to look more closely at them. The hike they took us on was pretty much paved the entire way, so even those with strollers could easily navigate it.

We are so lucky to live near these great ski/summer resorts. It is always such a nice way to spend a summer weekend in Utah; even though it was near 100 degrees in the valley, it was cooler up in the mountains. And as I’ve mentioned in the past, beating the heat in the summer is definitely one of my favorite things!

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