My Favorite Toy Stores

This post isn’t necessarily about an “adventure” that I’ve taken with Theo but is still in the realm of kids’-related activities that parents encounter throughout the years. I am talking about buying gifts — whether for your own child or as a birthday present for another child. Here are my favorite go-to kids/toys stores that I like to buy from, that go beyond the usual chain toy store. Happy shopping!

UMFA Gift Shop  at Utah Museum of Fine Arts
410 Campus Center Drive

  • I’ve already written a post about this store (link above) but wanted to include it here too. It is such a great selection of unique and thoughtful items and I like supporting the museum at the same time. Members get a 10% discount at the store.

Jou Jou at The Grand America Hotel
555 South Main Street

  • This wins for the best ambiance of any toy store I’ve ever been in. It is playful and anyone walking into the store feels like a kid again. I love their selection of robot-themed items and the customizable candy tubes in the back (which play music too!).

Hip & Humble
1043 East 900 South

  • This is one of my favorite local boutiques for adults, but I have found some great gifts for kids or young women here too. Great gift-wrapping is also a plus, and I love their black/white/hot pink/polka dot color scheme which makes a fun presentation.

Tutoring Toy
1400 Foothill Drive

  • I think this is my favorite “classic” toy store and it is mostly due to the proprietors’ charm and friendliness. If I am truly clueless about what to buy a child, I know I can trust the owner’s expertise and advice on choosing an appropriate toy. They are knowledgable and make you feel like you are in a small-town toy store. They also offer fun free gift wrap, but they include a bundle of confetti paper that you will end up finding pieces of all over the place.

Lakeshore Learning
5480 South 900 East

  • This is actually a store geared towards teachers and educational supplies, but I love finding great toys here. Sometimes you just need to feel like the toys you accumulate in your home have some educational purpose to them and this is the right place to find those things. Everything is pretty high quality and I’ve had excellent customer service from the company when I contacted them regarding a missing piece.

The Kings English Bookshop
1511 South 1500 East

  • One of my favorite gifts to give kids lately is a book from this store. Of course you can find a book for a child anywhere, but I like to support this local shop and they have an extensive children’s section. The store always has book signings with authors so if I can time it right, I like to go and get a book personalized for a child at those events. They also have autographed copies for sale at all times, which is a nice touch to add for no extra cost.

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