Let’s go to the Movies!

One of my favorite things to do by myself is go to the movies. I love sitting in the theatre alone and taking in the film without any other distractions. However, I’ve found that taking Theo to kids movies is a delightful activity in itself. I admit that I probably wouldn’t see many of the movies I’ve taken him to, thus inadvertently exposing myself to fun movies that I wouldn’t otherwise see. And that, in general, is one of the best things about having kids!

Tips for a successful movie outing with kids:

— Matinee (cheaper tickets, better timing during the day)
— Dollar Theatre (cheaper tickets, less investment if you have to bail [see below])
— Low expectations (if the movie is “boring” or “too scary” [both things Theo has said in the past], be ready to leave in the middle of the movie and not get upset)
— Evaluate whether the 3D or 2D version is going to suit your needs (will your kid be able to keep the glasses on?)
— Be prepared to have your kid beg for popcorn and candy. I always give in, because at this point I’m still trying to make the whole outing a fun experience.

One of our most successful movie outings (pictured above) was during a weekday when Theo had a half day of school, so we could go to a matinee showing of Monsters, Inc. in 3D at the dollar theatre. It was a perfect storm of everything working and we had a great time.

I recently learned about a cool summer program that the Megaplex Theatres are doing, where kids can watch 10 movies at a discounted price throughout the summer (one a week). All of the movies are obviously appropriate for kids (G or PG rated). I love this idea because the movie experience is already geared towards kids and you won’t have to worry about whether your kid is squirmy or noisy among a friendly crowd of understanding kids and parents. See you at the movies!

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