Everything is Awesome at the Lego Show

We went to the “Brick Slopes – A Lego Fan Event” show at the South Towne Expo center last weekend and had a glimpse of what Legoland must be like (on a much smaller scale). It was still really interesting to see the big displays that people put together, and notice the details and workmanship put into them.

I discovered that there is big overlap between Lego fans and fans of “ComicCon-esque” franchises like Star Wars, superheroes, and other sci-fi books/movies. I don’t know many of them so it was a little lost on me, but there were still plenty of other more relatable displays that I could enjoy. My favorite was the Clue board game in 3D with each room decorated like a dollhouse.

Theo thought it was cool to recognize the different displays and familiar references; he noticed with alarming immediacy the McDonald’s-themed display with a Happy Meal. They also had a large pit filled with thousands of loose Lego bricks and invited people to wade in and start building. Imagine a huge ball pit but made out of small, sharp plastic pieces. We declined this part of the event but had a nice time at the Lego show overall (I was hoping for a life-size WyldStyle display to stand next to… maybe next year!).

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