Red Butte Gardens’ "Garden Adventures"

We can’t pass up an activity that’s actually called an “Adventure!” We’ve been members of Red Butte Gardens for years and were excited when Theo turned 4 last year so he could participate in their children’s education program, Garden Adventures. They hold classes once or twice a month on Saturday mornings (10-11:30) in the Sprout House in the children’s garden area. The themes vary and focus on different aspects of the garden that are fun and kid appropriate.

The class we went to this weekend was on “Trees.” They had story time and read the book “A Tree is Nice” and then had a little lesson on tree branches and the different parts of them (buds, nodes, etc). They had a combination snack/art project in which the kids decorated pictures of trees with popcorn “blossoms” and caramel “branches.”

The day ended with some active games (normally they go outside into the garden but since it was rainy we stayed inside). The kids all got to take home a seedling of a tulip tree to plant at home and received some instruction as to how to find a good spot.

Of course, the Gardens are beautiful and are a nice place to visit even without a reason, but the classes are a fun way to get the family to Red Butte Gardens and learn something new.

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