Activities for All Abilities

Have you been enjoying watching the Olympics? We have! I asked Theo what his favorite event to watch has been so far and he said “Upside Down Skiing!” (i.e. Aerials). What these athletes do with their bodies mentally and physically is just astounding.

As the Olympics come to a close, I am looking forward to introducing Theo to the Paralympic Games where physical limitations do not stop these amazing athletes from competing at the highest levels. This year’s Paralympics will also be held in Sochi and run from March 7-16; they will also be broadcast on NBC and NBC Sports Network. There will be five sports in competition which include: Biathlon, Cross-country skiing, Alpine skiing, Ice Sledge Hockey, and Wheelchair Curling.

Also, are these just the most adorable mascots ever or what?! I’m pleased to introduce to you Snowflake and Ray of Light.

Here in Utah, there is a wonderful organization called the National Ability Center which provides adaptive recreation programs and events for people of all abilities, including children. On March 6 they will have a Paralympic Opening Ceremony party for members and their families. I love their mission and the fact that they also provide social activities to enhance the feeling of community.

Photo Credit: National Ability Center (

If you have a family member who could benefit from their programs, they are currently registering for their spring 2014 activities which start at the end of March (early bird registration with a discount ends on March 10).

This is their comprehensive schedule of available activities. If you want to just check out their facilities and see if they would be a good fit for your family, they will host a free Demo day in May. They have a fun schedule of family activities throughout the summer as well.

I’m grateful for events and organizations that help all of us be more understanding of the world around us and that personally give me a way to impart important values to Theo. When a classmate of mine won the Bronze in the Nagano Paralympics our senior year of high school, it made quite an impression. Let’s celebrate the fact that the human spirit is the same within all of us, regardless of the differences in our physical bodies.

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