“Secret” Kids Ski Rental Program

Theo started ski lessons last year (at age 4) and one of our first to-do items was to find out what to do about ski gear. I had heard from friends about this great program at Utah Ski & Golf but was unable to find out any information online. Turns out that they don’t advertise this program and just use word-of-mouth to spread the information. Well, if this is your first time hearing about it, I’m glad to be the mouth spreading this word!

So the deal is, you make a one-time up-front payment of $350 and it includes unlimited trade-ins for used boots and skis until the maximum junior size offered (which they estimate to be about age 10-12, depending on the size of the kid obviously). Poles (when they need them) are extra.

Normally, you can rent kids gear for $17/day. Last year Theo took two sessions of ski lessons at Brighton for 10 weeks. That would’ve been $170 for one season’s worth of rentals. If he continued at this same pace, we’d pay off this investment in 2 years (and this year he is only 5 years old). That’s 5-7 more free seasons of ski rentals for him!

The sooner you start / the smaller the kid, the most value you will get out of this program. Happy skiing!

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