Ice Castles — They’re a Thing and They’re Incredible

Three years ago we went to visit the Ice Castles in Midway and they were insane. Whatever I was expecting, they totally met those expectations and then some. I was so sad when for the past few years I’d Google them and they were off in another area of the country doing their thing, but not here in Utah. This year they are back!
And not only are they back, Amazon Local is having a deal with discounted tickets for the next 11 days (date of this post is Dec. 11, 2013). Regular price is $10 per person (children under 3 are free) and the Amazon deal is two people for $12 or four people for $24.
The Ice Castles won’t be ready until after Christmas (they approximate they’ll be ready around the first week of January, 2014), so now we all have something fun to look forward to after the festivities of the holidays are over.
Theo was too young to remember them last time (age 2) but he is going to go nuts when we go this year. Can’t wait!
P.S. If you live in SLC like we do and want to make an “Eastern Utah Expedition” outing out of it, stop by Dairy Keen in Heber for a meal. They have a train that goes around the restaurant and kid-friendly (i.e. hamburger/shake diner-type) food.

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