Ode to Paul and Scott

I’ve been taking Theo to the ubiquitous Baby and Preschool story times at the SLC public library since he was tiny. Every branch has their own weekly schedule and we’ve been to every one. But not all story times are created equal.

A few years ago, the Baby story time at the Main downtown library was the place to go. They had a massive bubble machine and included extra props (see pinwheel above). Our favorite librarian was Paul. We lived for story time with Paul.

As Theo got older and started preschool, opportunities to go to story time grew fewer since they are all during the morning. But once in awhile we get a chance to go to the Foothill library’s story time with the magical Scott.

Yes, I have favorite children’s librarians based on their storytelling abilities.

Note: I wish that I liked the storytellers at our closest library branch (Sweet in the Avenues) but I’ve been underwhelmed every time we’ve tried it. I’ll go to the ends of the earth for Paul or Scott though. I mean, we would go. Theo and I. Not just me. (Last names were omitted for privacy reasons and also because I don’t know what they are.)

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