Treehouse Museum

Distance notwithstanding, the Treehouse Museum in Ogden is the best. The best. We have a routine down for our visits there which include:
— Monday mornings: discounted admission ($3 for kids age 1-5, $1 for adults)
— Taking the pristine Frontrunner train from SLC to Ogden
— Post-museum take-out from Costa Vida on the way back to the train
— Eating lunch on the train on the return trip
— Exhausted (calm) kids after a long day
Mission accomplished: tired kids.
Vintage Theo on the Frontrunner, age 2.
This is the kind of outing that fills your whole day when you have a day that needs to be filled. We don’t go there that often b/c it is such a huge time commitment but we’d probably go monthly if it was closer. Don’t let the distance intimidate you; it’s worth it!

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