Holiday Kids List – 2012

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One of my friends recently asked me very kindly to compile a list of child-oriented holiday shows, as she said I was “a resource far greater than Google.” It is high praise and I thought since I was putting this together for her anyway, I might as well share with everyone! These are the ones we particularly enjoy (except for the last one that we’ve never been to, but I’m very intrigued). If you are interested in coordinating with the particular show we’re going to for any of these, let me know and I can give you details on our specific tickets.

These are activities focused only on music/theatre shows, and not other fun general holiday activities, but please feel free to share your favorites or give other recommendations!

Happy holidays!!
xo Christina

Utah Symphony, Here Comes Santa Claus —
The Symphony usually puts on two kids shows a season, and always one around Christmas. Santa is in the lobby and it’s a great way to expose kids to the “real” symphony in a kid-friendly environment. There are two show times on Saturday, Dec. 22 only.

Salt Lake Acting Company, Click Clack Moo —
This is their annual kid play. We are taking Theo, but additionally, if anyone is interested in coming to a sneak preview (not the whole show) with some Gastronomy appetizers and drinks, the organization I’m on the board of is holding a social night (for adults only) on Thursday (12/6). I can get you in free as my guest, so please let me know ASAP if you’re interested! (I attached the flyer again which I’ve sent out before.)

The Children’s Theatre, Toyland —
They do this show every year. It says ages 3+ but we took Theo last year and I felt like it was realllly long. But it is pretty kid-friendly and the new theatre space is super nice, so I’d say go for it, but we probably won’t repeat going again this year.

Rose Wagner Theatre, Ring Around the Rose —
Hatch Family Music & Magic | December 8, 2012: “The joys of music and magic come together! Enjoy an enchanting magic show accompanied by live classical piano & violin.”
This isn’t a strictly holiday program, but is part of a great series that they do all year. This one happens to be in December (this Saturday) so I just included it here as well.

Clark Planetarium —
“The Light Before Christmas”
“Let it Snow”
These look like Christmassy shows that are not too long (around 30 min) and seem like they would be fun for kids. After taking Theo to a planetarium in Seattle and seeing how much he loved it, I am amazed that we never thought of taking him to this planetarium before! If anyone has been to these shows and can give more info on how kid-friendly they are, please share. This will be something new that we try this year.


Hi everyone,
Thanks for all the great feedback and additional info! Here are some more suggestions on other holiday activities:

Winter Solstice at Red Butte Children’s Garden on Dec. 22nd.

Jingle Bus light tour downtown

Sound of Music Sing Along at the Tower (I am leaving Theo at home and going to this myself!)

“Molly Mouse’s Sugar Plum Debut” – at the Jeanne Wagner Theatre from The Children’s Ballet Theatre

Breakfast or High Tea with Santa at the Grand America Hotel. (FYI, the Breakfast is already sold out, but the High Tea event isn’t.)

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