Theo’s 1st Birthday Party

Planning and throwing birthday parties is one of my life skills and something that I really enjoy. So I was very excited to be able to hold Theo’s first birthday party! We held it at my in-laws’ / Theo’s grandparents’ home which was able to hold more guests than our townhouse. We catered in food from a delicious Mexican cafe for everyone to enjoy.

We invited our playgroup Mommy & Me friends and other special grown-up friends. Trying to be healthy and not overload Theo with too much sugar all at once, I baked a special small-sized peach and yogurt cake for Theo’s “smash cake.” For the other guests we had a classic Costco chocolate sheet cake.

To the kids, this was just another play date, albeit with a lot more pomp and circumstance and cake and presents. The grown-ups all enjoyed a chance to socialize and celebrate the fact that Theo’s parents survived his first year!


I had to refer back to my notes to remember what I put in these party favor goodie bags for the kids — Dr. Seuss stickers and magnets, baby Mum-Mums (Theo’s favorite snack at the time), a ball, and a kazoo.


People always say that a baby’s birthday party is more for the parents and adults than for the actual child. Well, that’s true, but even now Theo enjoys looking back at photos from his birthday parties that he doesn’t remember. And I will always welcome an opportunity to throw a party!

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