Red Butte Gardens Campout


Once again, we went on our annual Red Butte Gardens camping night in June. It seems to get easier every year that Theo gets older, and we have a nice tradition of going with our dear family friends. This was our 7th year and it was great!

This year, the Gardens have an exhibition called LEGO Connects, which places large structures of LEGOs among the nature in the garden. We took a scavenger hunt walk through the gardens and found them all. They were clever and intricate and we loved finding them amongst nature!

One of the activities was to create your family’s camp flag, and Theo designed a “B-i” that are the first letters of our last name, while also being the outline of the mountains and sky that we can see from our campsite.


This year I was determined to be as comfortable as possible and insisted on bringing a queen-sized double-height Aerobed. I even packed an extension cord so we could pump it up inside the tent. It was definitely much more comfortable than sleeping on our old cots and pads, but nothing beats home. Glad we could appreciate the outdoors as well as appreciate what we have indoors when we go home!


April on TV – with special guests!

Today was a special Spring Break edition of Adventures with Theo, when Theo himself got to come along to the TV studio with me! I also had a very special guest join me, my good friend Ita Tonga! We’ve been friends since she was in law school with my husband over 10 years ago. She’s the best and I asked her to be my “little kid” consultant to check out some activities that Theo has aged out of. Here are the topics we discussed on today’s segment:

You can watch the segment here!


Sundance 2018

As I mentioned on my January segment/blog post, we were really excited to attend a number of Sundance Film Festival shows this year. In the past I’ve taken Theo to the Sundance Kids section of films, but this year we branched out and went to “regular” films too. They were all documentaries and we had a great time!

The Sundance Kids section film that we watched, Science Fair, was Theo’s favorite. We also learned more about the Intel ISEF science fair during the documentary Inventing Tomorrow. The documentary about Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, Won’t You Be My Neighbor, inspired him to pull out our old DVDs of the show that we received as a gift when Theo was a toddler. Those are classics! We also saw the documentary Kusama – Infinity about the groundbreaking Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. There is a work by her at the local Utah Museum of Fine Arts that we look forward to seeing, now that we know more about her and her artwork.

Another one of Theo’s favorites was the documentary Chef Flynn about the young chef Flynn McGarry who started cooking in his home around Theo’s age, and is now opening his new restaurant in NYC called Gem (at age 19!). We were excited to see Chef Flynn himself during the Q&A after the film. One of the great perks about this film festival coming to town each year. Until next year, Sundance!