Red Butte Gardens Summer Family Campouts

One of of favorite summer traditions, which we will be doing for the 3rd time this year, is the Red Butte Gardens summer family campout. It is the perfect family activity for our family since I am not a camper, but my husband and Theo love it. They have gone on boys trips alone to camp, but this campout is one that even I can enjoy. 🙂

The amphitheater lawn area is reserved for the tents, and the programming during the evening includes s’mores, guided hikes, and music and movies. One year they even had telescopes set up to look at planets. Everyone sleeps using their own gear, and then in the morning they provide a catered hot breakfast.

It is truly “camping Lite” for those of you who may be concerned about bringing very young kids to “real camping” or those of you who don’t want to be completely removed from civilization or those of you who want running water and indoor plumbing nearby. These are all big highlights for me personally, and  I don’t think I’m the only one. The campouts typically sell out and require pre-registration, so book your dates now! (They typically have two dates every summer: one in July and one in August). Happy Camping or “Camping”!

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