Shakespeare Festival for Kids

Today we went to the Utah Children’s Theater‘s Shakespeare Festival for Kids and had a great time! In addition to offering many kid-friendly Shakespeare-esque performances, they had some fun activities set up in the various parts of the theater. Above, you can see Theo and a friend taking advantage of the costumes and stage backdrop to practice some dramatic scenes from an unidentifiable Shakespearean tragedy.


They also had a series of puppet show performances that were all in a different format: crocheted knit puppets (above), shadow puppets (below), blacklight puppets, and a marionette show. They were all so fun to watch and really showcased the varied art forms very well.


We started out the day with a “Royal Breakfast” in the soda shop at the theater where we enjoyed waffles, eggs, and sausages (advance reservation required). With our bellies full, we settled into the Studio theater to watch the first of several “Shakespeare Pop!” shows which were highly-edited, very condensed, and very funny summaries of well-known Shakespeare works. They invited kids onstage to volunteer to be part of the cast.

It was a fun and educational way to spend a Saturday morning — and they’ll be doing it two more times (Sept 23 and 30) this fall!


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