Log Rolling


Theo is taking swimming lessons at the Northwest Recreation Center this summer on Saturday mornings. We have enjoyed going to this pool in the past, but a good friend recommended their swim lessons. They are group lessons, but for his time slot he is the only student, so he gets a private lesson every week!

After his first lesson a few weeks ago, we noticed that they were setting up a log rolling activity in the pool. He was curious and we observed for a few minutes. When the instructor offered to have Theo give it a try, he immediately jumped at the chance.


The “log” is made of plastic and basically just floats on top of the water, spinning around and around, and the person standing on it has to keep moving to keep their balance on the log. The first few times Theo fell immediately into the water, but he kept getting back on and trying it out again. We were there for almost an hour that first day.

Every week after his regular swim lesson, he wants to try log rolling again. In just a few weeks of persistence and practice, he can now stay on the log for a whole minute! The instructor is so patient with him and encourages him to keep trying (we’re talking about 50+ times of falling off each session).


Our whole family went to the pool for Theo’s lesson (Theo’s dad and I swam laps while he had his lesson) and then went to the log rolling area right after. It was my first time trying it out and it was so difficult! I have done standup paddleboard yoga in a pool before, and this was similar in that the balance necessary to stay afloat is a huge core workout. Theo and his dad had a fun time both going on the log at the same time — Theo “won” by staying on the log the longest!

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