Magic Mondays at Hatch Family Chocolates

We love going to Hatch Family Chocolates as a fun neighborhood hangout. Not only do they sell chocolate and candy, but they have a great ice cream selection and delicious chocolate-related treats (frozen hot chocolate!). I found out about an ongoing activity they have on Monday nights (from 7pm until close) called Magic Mondays. We went last night when the usual magician wasn’t there, but there was a group of magicians who went around to the tables and performed tricks. Theo absolutely loved it!

It was a pretty busy summer night so there were lots of kids around and they were such a good audience. Even after Theo finished his ice cream he still wanted to stay and watch the magician do tricks for the other tables. He liked being able to see them up close and found it very entertaining. We will definitely head back on other Monday nights to check out the other magicians and for a nice summery treat!


We haven’t gone, but they also host an Avenues Block Party on Friday nights in the summer where they show a family-friendly movie and have free popcorn and live music. The remaining shows for this summer are on July 31st (Mega Mind) and August 14th (Guardians of the Galaxy). It starts at 8pm and they show the movie from the roof with guests sitting on blankets across the street (the LDS Hospital lawn). I love having fun things within walking distance to go to!

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