Hatch’s Magic and Music

Theo has been interested in doing magic tricks since he was really young. He loves learning tricks and practicing how to perform them. He has perfected his “Abracadabra!” and “Ta Da!” We always try to catch the shows that magicians perform at the library and other community events. Three years ago, we had the opportunity to see the Hatch Academy of Music and Magic perform at the Ring Around the Rose children’s series at Rose Wagner Theater.  We’ve seen a lot of different shows on different topics through this series. Tickets are relatively inexpensive at $5/person and they are a kid-friendly environment.

It was such a fun show! Richard and Rosemary Hatch perform classical music (piano and violin) with magic tricks and have some stunning combinations integrating both. I was so excited to see that they are doing another show this year, and will be performing on May 9. You can find out more about the show and buy tickets here.

I was looking around the Hatch Academy website and saw that they teach different courses on magic. The class “How to be an Amazing Grandparent!” caught my eye and I was tickled to think about grandparents learning fun tricks to share with their grandkids and friends. I think it is so great that the Hatch family used their varied talents to put together a show that presents both magic and music and it is really a unique opportunity to experience both.

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