Ballet for Kids

We took Theo to see Ballet West‘s performance of The Nutcracker last Christmas, and he was enthralled. Not only is the music and dancing beautiful, but the athleticism and discipline of the dancers is apparent. It is a great way to show children that you can be both artistic and athletic. The ballet is a lovely combination of both.

I was so excited to see that this season they are offering another family-friendly performance in the spring: Aladdin! These performances will feature the dancers of Ballet West II along with children of the Ballet West Academy. I think it’s great that children in the audience can see their peers on stage and imagine that it could be possible for them to participate if they were interested and dedicated.

There is a short segment that was produced by KUED called “Contact in the Community” about this particular show, which could be a fun way to introduce the ballet to kids prior to attending the performance. They go “behind the scenes” and show costumes and preparation backstage, which is fun for both parents and kids!

Click to watch the video here.

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