Free Community Exploration Card

My love for the public library is well-known, and we are so lucky to have two great library systems in Salt Lake City. We live in the same neighborhood as the Sweet branch of the Salt Lake City public library system and enjoy the convenience (especially since I put everything on “hold” online so I can efficiently check out the books I want instead of searching for them in the stacks).

A few years ago, a friend of mine told me about this great perk that seems relatively unknown. At the beginning of every month, each branch of the library gives out a limited number of “Community Exploration Cards” that give you free admission for 4 people to the following places for the duration of the month that you get the pass:

You need to have a library card with the SLC public library to get one of these passes. Each household only gets one of these passes in a calendar year, so you have to plan ahead accordingly. Also, they run out quickly so it behooves you to go on the first day of the month that the library is open and go first thing in the morning. We are planning on using our free annual pass in the month of March this year since that is when Theo has spring break and we will be in town.

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