Memory Grove – Discovery Day

We went to a great “Discovery Day” at Memory Grove Park last weekend, which was sponsored by the Utah Heritage Foundation. Inside the Memorial House, they had super fun indoor activities for the kids, all around a structure/building/architecture theme. They had cookie stacking (Theo got 27!), building out of toothpicks and gumdrops, and making stained glass windows out of black construction paper and colored tissue paper. I got really into my stained glass window project while Theo was building his gumdrop structure.

They also provided a “scavenger hunt” worksheet that had pictures of different aspects of the various buildings around the Park. You had to go outside and match up the pictures with the buildings on the worksheet, which took you around the whole park. We went to the Meditation Chapel which I had never been inside, and they had a tour guide there to allow the public to see the interior. It is tiny and so beautiful with stained glass windows commemorating the four services of the US military, and a small bench and altar. The entrance gates look out over the park and line up exactly with the cupola of the Capitol building. I could totally imagine sitting inside and being meditative and peaceful.

We ended the outing with Theo and his dad exploring the pathway that leads from the park up to the Avenues, where we live. I met them all the way up the hill in our car and we vowed to one day walk all the way from our house down to the park again. Such gorgeous scenery so close to downtown/Capitol/Avenues and we are glad that this Discovery Day activity brought us out to enjoy it.

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