Swimming Lessons

Theo has always loved the water and has taken swimming lessons since he was 2. But they were always rather informal and I don’t think he really knew how to swim even after years of lessons. We were recommended to SwimKids which several friends love but we never tried it because of location (it was a little further than I’d like) and cost (the priciest lessons I’ve encountered). We were pleased to be introduced to Superior Adaptive Swim School by a classmate of Theo’s and have been really enjoying it!

They are a private company, but teach lessons out of the Fairmont Aquatic Center in Sugarhouse. During the weekday when Theo has lessons, the pool is pretty much deserted. He has a 30-minute private lesson with the pool basically to himself, and ends up wanting to stay to splash around and play for another hour.

I like that it is at an indoor pool so he can take lessons even through the fall (while most swim lessons that are outside stop after the summer). Lessons are paid for on a monthly basis so you only have to commit to a few at a time. Theo is loving being able to get into the pool even after it starts to cool down outside and I’m glad that he’s able to continue improving his swim skills throughout the year.

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