Jupiter Bowl

When you think of a “bowling alley,” what do you typically imagine? In all of my past experiences, it was always in a dingy, seedy, retro-in-a-not-cool-way location. All of these perceptions were blown away when we first went to Jupiter Bowl in Park City a few years ago. Not only was it a gorgeous, clean space, it was also a perfect outing for families with young kids. Amazing!

Theo, 3 years old

The key to involving young kids in bowling lies in the available accommodations:

1) Old-school gutter bumpers (they are controlled by the main desk, so just notify the staff which people in your party need them)

2) Bowling ball ramp (see above)

This guarantees that even a toddler can enjoy “bowling” and not get frustrated by their lack of strength and coordination. Also, look how cute those tiny bowling shoes are!

On Sundays from 12-7pm they have a “Family Fun Day” package that includes 2 hours of bowling (& shoe rental) plus a pizza and pitcher of soda for $49.50 (up to 6 people). By the way, the food here is actually really good. The pizza is delicious and they have a full menu and bar. I’ve gone to events here for adults-only that were really fun too. This is one of those places that I wouldn’t necessarily think of as a great place for kids, but it really is a super fun time, for both kids and parents.

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