March on TV (again) and Theo’s Meta Adventure

Since Theo is on spring break this week, he got to come along with me while I went on the air for my latest TV appearance to talk about this very blog. He managed to not break anything and enjoyed the behind-the-scenes look at being on TV.

Here is the clip from today, which announces the winners of the Tumbleweeds Film Festival giveaway and talks about this weekend’s Utah Symphony concert.

Click to watch the video here.

Theo was invited to come onto the set with me while I did my thing but he declined and instead sat quietly on the side. He behaved great for the few minutes I was on the air.

Afterwards, we were invited to go into the control room to see where all the magic happens. So many buttons! A lot of people do a lot of hard work to get the show on the air every day. I’m so grateful to have the chance to share the information on this blog with viewers of the show. Thank you, KSL and Browser 5.0!

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