Sundance Kids!

One of my favorite “themes” when it comes to kids events is when a normally adult activity becomes accessible and welcoming to children. Imagine my excitement when it was announced that in 2014 they were kicking off the inaugural Sundance Kids series at the Sundance Film Festival!

There will be two movies shown, one of which is appropriate for kids 5 and older, and one for kids 9 and over. I’m very excited to have Theo participate in Sundance and to be part of the buzz and excitement around the festival. It is one of the bonuses about living here that I really want to appreciate as much as we can.

For more information including showtimes, you can go here for Ernest & Celestine (age 5+) and here for Zip & Zap and the Marble Gang (age 9+).

Many thanks to the Utah Film Center and the Tumbleweeds program for making this possible! I am eagerly awaiting the Tumbleweeds Kids Film Festival in March and will feature that in an upcoming post. Happy Sundancing!

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