UMFA, F Yeah!

I have taken Theo to a lot of different types of outings, but shied away from art galleries and museums — too many tempting, expensive, and fragile items to touch and disturb. My friend Aimee told me about these fun backpacks at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts and we are hooked!

On our first trip, we tried out the Choose Your Own Adventure and Europe gallery backpacks with a friend. The kids had a lot of fun doing the activities and I got to immerse myself in the calm atmosphere of an art museum.

Theo always asks to go back to do the rest of the backpacks. We took advantage today during Third Saturday where admission is free for everyone and they have a fun craft for kids. Theo chose the Egypt bag this time and got to take home his own scarab. I became a member so we can go whenever we want (kids are free until age 6).

Additional bonus: the cafe in the lobby of the museum is available to anyone anytime without paying admission and has become one of my favorite places to “coffee shop work.” Their quinoa salad with chicken is delicious.

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